Professional Chalk Art Lettering

Professional chalkboard writer chalk lettering artist Lenora Cairns, designs handmade custom chalkboard signs and creative typography on chalkboard. Handwritten, illustrated chalkboard art signs, menus, logos, chalk wall art murals designed to your brand. Sony Pictures “Thank you ...

Chalk Artist Near Me

Chalk artist near me Vancouver chalk artist Lenora Cairns for hire. Professional stunning custom chalkboard signs, restaurant chalkboard art, for events, cafes, pubs, butcher meat shops, office or home.. Professional expert chalkboard art drawing, design, and ...

Chalkboard artist for hire

Chalkboard artist for hire HOT GRAPHICS STUDIOS Chalkboard artist near me Vancouver chalk artists LOCAL-professional-reliable services to 1,000’s of businesses in Vancouver. Beautifully illustrated designs handmade works of art customized to your liking. Custom chalkboard ...

Chalk Logo Art

Custom logo chalkboard, Chalk Logo Art, Chalkboard Logos. Hot Graphics Chalk Logos increase SALES & SELL your product… proven successful. Click for testimonials Hot Graphics are experts at chalk logo art and chalkboard branding. Our chalk logos ...

Chalk Art Archives

Chalk artist Lenora Cairns opened her business in 1991 now serving over 1,000 clientele…Vancouver’s most unique experienced chalk artist. “Ever since Lenora chalked our Caesar Salad it’s our top seller, our sales increased by 30%!” (604) 657-6404 Testimonials ...

Custom Chalk Art Signs

Custom chalk art signs, Custom Chalkboard art, Custom menu chalkboards signs for businesses & events. Professionally made, designed and illustrated by chalkboard art expert Lenora Cairns.. over 25 years experience (604) 657-6404 Testimonials click here ...


Meet Lenora

Lenora Cairns Vancouver chalk artist excels in visual imaging and branding to businesses across Canada. Over 4,500 custom chalk signs created and designed to clients like; McDonald’s, Coca-Cola,  Pepsi, Fairmont Hotels, Sony Pictures, Kellogg’s, Jim Pattison Group, and BMO. If you are a ...

Menu Chalkboards

Vancouver’s Chalk Chalkboard Artist creates unique Chalkboard art, Custom Chalkboard menu boards & Murals for your Business, Home or Event. Chalking for over 26 years. Chalk artist Lenora Cairns, Vancouver’s Chalkboard chalk Artist, creates Chalk ...

Sidewalk Chalk Artist

Vancouver chalk art expert sidewalk chalk artist Lenora Cairns specializes in street chalk art drawing for outdoor events…most experienced in Canada. Professional sidewalk chalk artist for hire Lenora Cairns specializes in street chalk art drawing, ...

Wedding Signs Vancouver

Wedding signs Vancouver chalkboard art & lettering artist Lenora Cairns, personalizes weddings & events with beautiful lettering. Buy, Rent or custom order your chalkboard sign any size or frame…over 26 years of experience. Specializing in; Welcome to ...

Vancouver Mural Artist

Vancouver mural artist paints, chalks-chalk wall art, wall mural art, chalkboard walls, chalkboard art, wall decorations, paintings for restaurants, businesses, kitchens and events. Vancouver’s chalk artist Lenora Cairns has over 30 years experience. Mural paintings ...

Realistic chalk art & painting

Realistic chalk art drawing..painting Vancouver Canadian artist Lenora Cairns creates stunning high-quality realistic works of art. Over 30 years experience creating chalk designs, custom chalkboard menu signs, murals, painting, sandwich boards, commissions and reproductions.   ...


Vancouver Chalkboard Chalk Artist creates custom chalkboard art, Chalk Menu Signs, Sidewalk Chalk art, Wedding signs, chalk typography, professional chalkboard writing writer, chalkboard illustrator, chalk art signs, Chalk wall Murals & Painted Murals, chalk artist near me, chalk artist for hire, Vancouver’s most unique and experienced chalk artist. Over 4,500 menu board chalk signs created and 1,000 customers served.  Contact us at 604 657 6404

Professional signs for your business, restaurant or event – a Canadian Chalkboard Company.


If you are a restaurant, corporate office, coffee shop, cafe, retail store, event, or trade show across Canada, BC, Vancouver.

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